Children's Treatments

Routine and Preventative Treatments

Examination €40            
Plaque Disclosing and Oral Hygiene Instruction €50
Scale and Polish €80
Fluoride Treatment €100
Fissure Sealants (per tooth) €40
Fissure Sealants x 4 €120
Sports Guard                                                              €60              

Restorative Treatments

Filling (Baby Tooth)                                                                            From €90                  
Filling (Adult Tooth ) From €150   
Stainless Steel Crown (per tooth) €90


Consultation                                                                                       Free               
Metal Fixed Appliances From €3,600
Functional Appliances (Twin Block) From €1,000
Simple Removable Appliances (Thumb Sucking) From €600
Space Maintainer From €150          


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