Fees – a guideline

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Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
Prescription (includes above)
Cosmetic Dental Bonding
Adult Orthodontics
Child Orthodontics
Dental Hygiene
Hygienist (per visit)
Dentist (per visit)
Advanced Gum Treatment (per visit)
Large (opg)
White (composite resin)
€120 – €150
Silver (amalgam)
€90 – €120
Routine Extraction
€90 – €120
Surgical Extraction
€120 – €200
Acrylic based dentures
From €300
Metal based dentures
€900 – €1,200
Root Canal Treatment (dependent on tooth type)
€400 – €800
Core / Post Preparation Crown
€600 – €800
Orthodontic Treatments
Metal train-track type braces for children
Start at €2,800
Children’s Treatments
Metal fixed appliances
€2,800 – €3,500
Functional appliances removable and fixed
€500 and €1,000
Simple removable appliances
From €600
Adult’s Treatments
Metal fixed appliances
€2,800 – €3,500
Tooth coloured brackets
From €3,000 – €3,600
Invisalign type treatment
From €3,000
Lingual (adhering to the inside of the teeth and invisible to others)
From €6,000

EVERY case is different

At your initial orthodontic consultation  you will get an idea of exactly what your treatment will entail. You may be given a choice of treatment options and you can discuss what the best one is for you. We believe that patients should be involved in the decision making process and welcome queries at all times. Some problems cannot be solved with orthodontic treatment alone and complete treatment may necessitate referral during or after treatment to other specialist dentists. If this applies to you, you will be made aware of this before you start treatment and be aware of extra cost that will be incurred.